Small Loan: Tables, Simulation and Withdrawal Times

If you are an employee or a public pensioner, you can get a small loan. This is a loan that provides a facilitated rate and that you can return in convenient installments. This loan is disbursed by the Unitary management of credit and social services fund established at the. By continuing with the reading you will be able to discover all the details concerning the small loan, the positive aspects and how to request it.

What’s this?

Whether you are a public employee or a pensioner enrolled in the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Services you can apply for a small loan, to meet the need for liquidity and within the limits of the availability resulting from the annual financial statements. You can apply for the loan even if you are an employee or a pensioner of public administrations who, for pension purposes, is registered with institutions or management other than the Public Employees Management.

Once you have obtained the sum you will have to repay it in 12, 24, 26 or 48 monthly installments. The installments include the principal amount and an interest portion. You can get a loan without having to document expenses and without having to produce medical certificates. A small loan of 4.25% is applied to the small loan, plus a withholding tax of 0.5% for administrative expenses and a contribution from the provision for risks, which will be withheld at the time the payment is made.

The sums granted

If you ask for a small loan of 12 months, it means to obtain a sum equal to a net monthly salary of your salary or pension. If you apply for a loan of 24 months, the sum paid corresponds to the average monthly salary of your salary or pension. In the case of a small 36-month loan you will receive a sum of up to 3 months salary or pension, while for the 48 month loan the sum to be repaid is equal to 4 monthly salary or pension payments.

All small loans can be increased to double if you do not have five-year assignments in place, without prejudice to retirees for the limits on the fifth. Small loans are also granted for the duration of 5 or 10 years. In this case you must have 4 years of service or have received a pension for 4 years. You will also need to be registered in the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Services and document the reasons for the request. The purpose of the loan concerns the purchase of new cars, birth of children, death of family members, ordinary maintenance of the home and many other hypotheses.

How to request the small loan

As emerged, the small loan offers the advantage of the subsidized rate. In addition, you can submit the request for funding independently, by filling out the form that can be downloaded from the site, formerly managing. Once you have completed the form, you will need to forward it electronically via the PA salary portal. If you want to apply for a loan of 5 or 10 years you must go to the competent inps administration that will process your request.


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